Congratulations, you've discovered Shadowplay Photography. We specialise in events, concerts and festivals, performance art and product shoots. We also love portraiture, be it casual or corporate and can provide you with a stunning promotional portfolio. We've even been known to shoot the odd wedding.

Shadowplay Photography is a team effort: Marc the photographer and Kristen the qualified makeup artist and post-processing demon.

Marc has been a hobbyist photographer since 1975. He got his first 35mm camera when he was about 12 years old. That camera was a Kodak Retinette 1A Vero and he still has it. While working an after-school job with a wedding and portraiture photographer, he earned his first SLR, a Pentaflex SL with a Carl Zeiss 35/2.8 lens. That was a long time ago. Marc's other distraction was rallying and he would often be out there in the forests shooting in the dust and the mud. Some things never change really. Sure, the subject matter is different but the environment is the same. Always struggling for his attention has been his other passion, music. For Marc, few things beat the excitement of capturing the atmosphere of a concert, be it a huge festival or a local pub band. As a muso himself, he has a deeper understanding of what a performer wants to see in a photograph of themselves. He can shoot a show from both a performer's and a fan's point of view. He has also learned Rule #1: always pack a pair of ever so stylish gum boots when attending music festivals.

Kristen has been involved in digital design since her first job out of school. She has a great eye for design and composition and a thorough understanding of light and colour. She is also a qualified makeup artist and we offer a makeup service with your shoot.

She has been post-processing weddings for other photographers for a long time and knows how to bring the best out in an image without destroying its style and its emotion. Kristen is a post-processing whizz and consistently produces stunning results without departing from the photographer's intent and the style in which they captured the scene. After all, it is the photographer's vision that creates the image and she is passionate about retaining their vision. Occasionally Kristen is let out of the office to assist or as a second shooter.

Marc and Kristen believe in presenting subjects in their best light and doing so without all the over-editing and Photoshop tricks. This is really a hangover form Marc's days with film. You got it right or you just didn't get it. Nowadays, digital cameras make it so easy to get it right and hell, pixels are cheap (if not quite free) so why do so many seem to spend more and more time in front of a computer, fixing their shots up?

Marc and Kristen are just as comfortable shooting and processing film. There's a dedicated darkroom at austin-zande imagery where both B&W and colour film and prints can be produced.

We are 'available light photographers'. Our team includes Elinchrom studio lighting, a swag of Nikon Speedlights as well as continuous lighting and all the light shaping tools... and we know how to use them. Marc is frankly quite passionate about the Nikon Creative Lighting System and will take a bag of Speedlights to any shoot. No, if we relied solely on natural light then we'd be pretty dull. We think any photographer who says they only use natural light just doesn't know how to use lighting properly.

If you want Instagram shots, you don't need us, just install the Instagram app on your iPhone and start shooting. If you want blown out highlights or strange tones, close this window now, grab the Almost DSLR app for your iPhone and go crazy. If you want your shot to look like a scene from a Harry Potter movie, there are some great HDR applications out there too. You see, we want our subjects to look their very best but we stop well short of 'plastic' or totally fake images that bear little resemblance to the original subject. We create images that won't be dated next year when the next fad hits.

Great images are simple. Great images are honest. Great images are timeless.

That is how we work.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We can help you with photo shoots from as short as one hour right up to multi-day, multi-venue extravaganzas. Hair, makeup and general styling services are also available. And you really won't have to sell a kidney to engage our services.

Use the contact form here, call 07 5441 3610 or email